Computer Aided design course

computer aided design courses

The beginners computer aided design course is ideally suited to anyone wanting to start using computer aided design, as it is easier to follow and the learning progresses faster when you have professional instruction.

Neil Wesley is a full time draughtsman for TinTab, and has gained experience designing furniture both fitted and free-standing for some very high profile projects.

what program will we learn?

AutoCAD is the industry standard for the production of two-dimensional construction drawings and performs a number of functions for furniture manufacturers. On this one-week course you will learn the use of AutoCad in 2D so that you will be able to produce accurate and professional construction drawings of your own projects to a level that only practice and regular use will bring further improvement.

what are the benefits of CAD against hand drawing?

  1. Identify potential construction and fitment problems prior to manufacture
  2. Determine the quantity and dimensions of all required components
  3. Convey the design and construction instructions to the maker or clients
  4. Determine full and economical material ordering requirements
  5. Ensure that the designer and client are 'on the same page' and that what will be delivered will satisfy the brief
  6. Act as a contractual document in times of a dispute between client and supplier

The class does not run a lecture format, instead you learn while you work through relevant exercises - this really is the most effective way to learn CAD. The course has only a small number of students so there is plenty of opportunity for 1:1 tuition.

You will also be introduced to the production of 3D CAD models, which is covered in full in our Advanced CAD course, this allows you to build conceptual drawings and quickly expand your design portfolio. The advanced one-week course is available for those who have already grasped the basics or attended the beginners' course.

One-week beginners or advanced CAD course £600