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two-day drawing course

The work of Dr. Betty Edwards, author of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, has enabled millions of people around the world to learn to draw. On this course we will introduce you to her teaching technique, a little of the theory behind it, and to an exercise that demonstrates its effectiveness. Learning to draw then turns out not to be "learning to draw". Paradoxically, "learning to draw" means learning to make a mental shift from L-mode to R-mode. That is what a person trained in drawing does, and that is what you can learn on this course.

Ruth teaches a two-day intensive drawing and watercolour course which is specifically designed to address the learning requirements of Marc’s furniture making students. The course draws on recent neuroscience theory about drawing from the right side of the brain and produces extraordinary results with evidence of remarkable drawings after just two days of learning. These skills can be immediately utilised by students in their drawings and presentation of designs for potential clients.

day one

  1. Mark making with pencil on cartridge paper
  2. Perception of positive and negative space and shape
  3. Upside down drawing
  4. Using a view finder to draw on with felt tip to aid perspective and line finding
  5. Room drawing with a door and/or piece of furniture

day two

  1. Perspective
  2. Over laying colours to make new colours, colour washes
  3. Creating 3D impression on a drawing of a group of cubes
  4. Colour mixing


about Ruth Garrett

Ruth Garrett is a Lewes-based artist, and her speciality is architectural watercolours. Ruth studied illustration at the University of Brighton and went on to gain a distinction in printmaking.

She has enjoyed exhibiting and selling internationally and was the artist guest lecturer on a cruise ship.

In more recent years Ruth has concentrated on painting to commission, and teaches watercolour painting and drawing to small groups and individuals.


Please email or phone if you wish to book or for dates.


Two day drawing course £275