benchspace rental hire

bench space scheme

At last an easy way to set up in business as a furniture maker! Shared workshop, workshop hire, bench rental, bench hire, call it what you like - it is the way forward.

Marc Fish's scheme set-up in Newhaven, just outside Brighton in East Sussex, has been providing bench space for years now to all who require a workshop without the huge costs incurred in setting up a business. The benefits include access to and training on machinery. Check out bench space scheme details here.

The bench scheme not only offers somewhere to work but also a helping hand with suppliers, business advice, marketing etc. Not to mention having like-minded people around for inspiration and to work through ideas.



benefits and facilities

As a bench space resident you have access to a modern, fully equipped machine room, fully dust extracted and heated. A library containing some 400 books and instructional DVDs. Help and advice on all aspects of running a small business, links with Newhaven Enterprise Agency which can help with accountancy, funding, tax, marketing etc. Timber storage, assistance from like-minded people and discounts on timber, tools and materials.

We run exhibitions throughout the year and residents are able to display their work. 'robinson house studio' also has commercial cilents that residents are invited to undertake work for. This great practice enables residents to quote, construct and invoice for their work. Marc's partner is able to offer discounted photography and web design.

Our machine room is equipped with a bandsaw, planer thicknesser, table saw, hollow chisel mortiser, vacuum press, spindle moulder, pillar drill, and disk and bobbin sanders. All are new and fully serviced. There is also access to various power and hand tools and a tig welder for stainless steel fabrication.

Marc says about the scheme "It is so hard to set up in business as a cabinet maker both financially and due to lack of equipment and expertise. The best cabinet maker in the UK will struggle without help and guidance from the onset."

The benches can be rented for just one day or on a full time basis. For rates, availability and terms contact Marc here.

If you are interested please contact us for prices and availability.