advanced furniture design/ maker's higher diploma course

The one-year advanced course is aimed at those who maybe have trained elsewhere or are self taught to an already high standard.

Are you looking at pushing yourself further, looking to explore your creative side now you know the basics?

If you choose to join us on a wonderful journey the future is only limited by your imagination.
You will cover more advanced subjects including mixed media making, computer aided design, model making, metal working including casting theory/comissioning and welding.

Four projects are usually completed in the advanced year, the projects will be designed by you with guidance from Marc and his staff. You will be encouraged to push yourself, explore new techniques and experiment with materials and finishes. Our photographer will produce your portfolio, which you can use to promote your business or gain employment.

The same as our standard one year course subjects such as business management can be covered if required, accountancy, book keeping, legislation and marketing will assist you when setting up your own business.
Design appreciation and history will be looked at and assignments are given out which will enable you to join in with our design discussions, start to consider design practices and study existing designers.

All students leave with a graded diploma details about this can be viewed here.

advanced course extras

The extra subjects below are options for the one-year course and students can choose areas that interest them.

  • Steam bending, coopering
  • Power carving
  • Material science
  • Carbon Fibre including resin infusion
  • Mould making for casting in metal and resin
  • Design history
  • Design principals & design appreciation
  • Metalworking - welding, brushing, cleaning, stainless, mild steel, powder coating, spraying, casting, lathe and milling
  • CAD one week, utilising CNC machines
  • 3D printing and 3D scanning
  • Four projects per year
  • Outings to exhibitions
  • Setting up a workshop - machinery, legislation, dust extraction
  • Exhibiting your work - retail, galleries, internet, your own exhibition
  • Meeting clients and communication
  • Printed stationary - branding and image, designing, brochures, business cards, postcards, letterheads, drawings, photography
  • Introduction into web sites and SEO (rankings), marketing and PR


One-year advanced course £15,000

Start dates are flexible throught the year.

Booking deposit £3000, a payment of £3000 is due 30 days prior to start date. On first day of course £5000 is due and the remaining £4000 at week 25. Ring for details on help with funding.

A budget for tools should be allowed if you do not have your own, also materials for your own projects. Materials are provided for small samples and test pieces.

View here to see Marc's suggested tool kit


The studio is open from 7.30 am and closes after 6pm. This gives students the potential of having 2500 hours of bench time. Maybe you would like to come in at the weekends? Well, we welcome that and this could increase your hours to over 3000 just by doing one extra day. This is the equivelent to two years expected of an employee.


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