Thinking of changing career?

Are you thinking of changing career? Have you looked at your options, places to study? This can be a very daunting step - Marc knows because he did it. We know at the studio, because we help people do it. See what out ex-students say about us and their stay here - Student testimonials and gallery.

School leaver or graduate

We have a lot of experience in teaching young people, and enjoy the fresh ideas and enthusiasm they bring to the studio. We can train you to be employment ready.

Our experience and your abilities

You are in safe hands, we have between us nearly sixty years experience in the furniture making industry. Marc's work sells internationally through exhibitions and galleries so he has experience of the market. At 'robinson house studio' we start with the basics, show you techniques that will enable you to get the results you are looking for. We take all abilities so do not worry if you have no experience - our small class size ensures plenty of one-to-one tuition, so students can progress at their own speed.

The courses we run, if you want it to be, are more than just woodwork courses, but if you are just here for the woodwork then that is fine also.

Do you want to get a job after the course?

If you need help getting a job after leaving, we can help you. We will have regular one to one meetings throughout your course that will help you look and prepare for the job interview. Work on your CV and portfolio if required. We can access a network of nearly three hundred workshops and have had success placing students with some of them.

Thinking of setting-up your own workshop?

Setting up a workshop or advice on Health and Safety legislation - we can help on these areas also.

Nervous about your first client meeting? We will prepare you for this and help you avoid the common pitfalls. Learn from our mistakes and ensure the meeting ends in a sale.

Students are helped with business plans and cost analysis. Pricing and market research are also discussed.

We have exhibited all around the world so can help you get your work into the market place, advise on costs for exhibiting and give advice and contacts regarding shipping and customs.

All students leave with a graded diploma - details about this can be viewed here.

Why choose Marc Fish?

Looking at course providers can be confusing. Here is a summary of reasons to come to 'robinson house studio' to learn furniture design & making.

Over sixty years experience between our staff.

Student to staff ratio of 3 - 1 small intakes of five.

Award winning studio with one of only two teaching studios in the UK to have won The Claxton Stevens Award by the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers.

Marc has been awarded four Guild Marks by The Furniture Makers Company.

Marc is now on the Guild Mark award panel of judges, and therefore fully understands the standard of craftsmanship and design required from students.

It's not just a furniture making course, there is heavy emphasis on furniture design. With Marc's work selling internationally through galleries and exhibitions the studio is in a strong position to advise and guide students on contemporary furniture design.

Fully equipped workshop, fully insured combined with a strict Health and Safety policy.

For students who want to be more current and have a modern outlook to furniture design, we specialise in multi-materials and students can learn to work in a variety of materials.

Be part of realistic commercial workshop not just a woodworking school. We have a bench space rental scheme which means students can observe and gain knowledge from people running a business in furniture making.

We have a very good success rate with students leaving and finding employment, many of our students have left and are running their own businesses, check out some of their websites on our testimonials page here.

Out of hours working enabling potentially over 3000 hours of bench time per year.

Our one year course is a full 50 weeks not just nine months. WORK HARD, LEARN AND GROW.

Registered with the UK Government's Skills Funding Agency as a course provider, enabling student funding through Professional and Career Development Loans.




Why do we have a strong emphasis on design?

Good construction is not enough, good dovetails are not enough, the quality amongst designer makers now means the majority of work created is of a very good standard. For example perfect dovetails are now a given, they just have to be perfect.

If the design is not well considered and as good as the construction then people aren't even going to look close enough to see the quality of the craftsmanship. Marc has seen this first hand whilst exhibiting - people walk past really well made furniture looking for something that catches their eye.

What is not considered enough? The construction is not more important than the design.

Clients who are interested in buying handmade furniture are discerning and are used to buying well designed items, these are the people makers need to impress, not other makers. If you want to sell work and be commercial then your designs need to be exciting, eye catching and exceptionally well made.

The four things we look for when judging furniture for Guild Marks is excellence in design, materials, craftsmanship and function.

Is the piece, in both design and craftsmanship, exceptional?

We guide our students through the design process, nurture their own style and help them produce sophisticated work that is exceptional and well-considered.

If you still feel you just want to learn purely how to make, that's ok. With over 3000 hours per year potentially available at the bench there is still plenty of time just to make.

We are just passionate about good design and so are the clients!