Nautilus II (2012)

Sycamore, Glass, Japanese Paper, Resin,

Size 2000 x 1500 x 450

Edition three of five SOLD


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the meaning

The brief for the first Nautilus was for a large statement piece, with maybe a hint of the sea - its location being a large loft style apartment overlooking the English Channel. An open brief from the client is every makers dream.- room to explore, experiment and innovate. A new technique was developed to turn 4000 pieces of veneer strips into a 10 mm thick logarithmic spiral.

awards and exhibitions

Edition of 5, each are unique in colour and style. Nautilus II has now been finished, it is was sold through Andrew Lamberty, London at an auction at Christies in October.

August 2013 we are just starting Nautilus III which has been ordered by a client.

No 1 was awarded Guild Mark no 435 by the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers.