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exhibitions - current/recent

Salon of Art and Design New York USA Nov 2016


exhibitions - previous

Inspired @ the Goldsmith's centre, London 2016
London Craft Week Craftcentral London 2016
FOG San Francisco 2016
Salon of Art and Design New York USA Nov 2015
Design Shanghai China March 2014.
Zona Maca Mexico 2013
The Armoury New York 2013
Furniture with Soul part II Boston 2013
Art Southampton New York 2013
Pavilion of Art and Design Paris 2012
Millinery Works Arts and Crafts 2010 & 2011
Timothy Marks London 2009
Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design Cheltenham 2009, 2010, 2012 & 2015
Brighton Festival 2007 -2015


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Our work is now on permanent show at our New York Gallery

Todd Merrill who is located in Tribeca in New York has now been appointed as our exclusive international agent. All enquires and sales outside the UK are now dealt with by Todd and his team.

Todd Merrill launched Studio Contemporary in 2009 to represent the work of established and emerging studio artists. Studio Contemporary is primarily an exhibition-based program, eschewing the traditional white box gallery model. The focus is to show at the best fine art and design fairs in the world – with each presentation showcasing a uniquely curated group of current works.
The goal of Studio Contemporary has evolved from exhibiting emerging artists working in all mediums of the decorative arts to becoming an important voice for artists who create original, one-of-a-kind works that defy traditional categorisation which often blur the lines between fine art and the decorative arts. Every artist featured in Studio Contemporary has been included in significant museum exhibitions both in the United States and abroad.