Chris Funnell

Chris studied here at 'robinson house studio' but before enrolling, Chris had been making furniture for nearly 20 years. He is a very experienced maker who is patient with students, with a reputation for accuracy and an uncompromising approach to the craft. If Chris says it is correct then it certainly will be. Chris is now the senior craftsman at the studio and has made many of Marc's pieces including Nautilus, Babel and Mollusque. Chris been awarded both a Certificate of Merit and was named as the maker on the Guild Mark Award for Nautilus.


Danny Maddock

Danny studied furniture making at Chichester College and obtained his City and Guilds Level 3. He has been Marc's apprentice for three years and in 2014 was given one of Marc's designs to manage and make. In the past he has had a multitude of roles around the studio and is very experienced. Danny is on hand for all the students' needs and is also in charge of much of the administration for the studio.

Theo Cook

Theo studied at Edward Barnsley Workshop, completing a five year apprenticeship. He also took a year out to study at the famous James Krenov school in the USA. After nine years at the Barnsley workshop he moved on to Senior and Carmichael where he stayed for 7 years. Many of the pieces made by Theo went on to win awards for Senior and Carmichael including Guild Marks. A highlight of his career to date is making a desk for Lady Bath, which amounted to a year's work. He is a real asset to the studio, they do not come much better trained and experienced.