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tools required or desired.

'A bad workman always blames his tools' as the old saying goes, but is this correct? It might be, but without good properly tuned tools a good craftsman is unable to carry out the work to the desired level.

At robinson house studio we pay particular attention to tool selection and preparation. A handplane purchased new, straight out of the box may require many hours before it is truly ready for fine woodwork. We cover all these aspects on our courses. A suggested tool kit is listed opposite.


Marc's suggested tool kit

  • handplane - number 5 1/2 bench plane
  • chisels - set of five bevel edged
  • rulers - steel metric 150mm- 1000mm
  • marking gauge - wheel type
  • blockplane - low angle adj mouth
  • handsaw - dovetail around 15ppi
  • engineering square - 75mm
  • vernier gauge - 150mm digital
  • straight edge - 600mm
  • scalpel - small handle using 10A blades
  • Piercing saw - 100mm throat
  • 45 degree mitre square - steel
  • marking knife - single centred bevel
  • dividers - steel
  • bevel gauge

tool suppliers and costs

Classic Hand Tools www.classichandtools.com

Workshop Heaven www.workshopheaven.com

Axminster Power Tools www.axminster.co.uk

A basic tool kit will cost you between £600 - £1000

When you have booked a course we will have a meeting to discuss your tool options, a detailed list of exactly what tools to buy is discussed. We have no connection to any tool manufacturer so we can be totally unbiased.