Crafted Conservation: John Makepeace OBE and Marc Fish

The artists introduce their practices, both deeply rooted in experimental material science. With thanks to Sarah Myerscough and her gallery.

John’s three-legged Trine chairs are made using English Oak burr and born from the designer’s work with structural engineers. Their internal metal connections are adapted from ground-breaking NASA technology, first developed for a Hawaiian wind generator.

Marc Fish’s Mokume Gane series was developed over four years of research as he experimented with pouring liquid bronze onto curvilinear surfaces. The result is a lustrous patina that embellishes the underlying wood structure, akin in form to a ribbon suspended mid-loop; weightlessness and negative space, as much as material presence, define the artist’s sculptural language.

Sarah Myerscough Gallery
Based in Barnes, London SW13 and established in 1998, Sarah Myerscough Gallery represents a distinguished group of contemporary craft and design artists, specialising in material-led processes with a focus on wood and natural materials. You can view more videos of conversations with sarah’s artists here:
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John Makepeace OBE and Marc Fish in Conversation