Peter studied on the full time 50-week Furniture Making and Designing course

Before studying at RHS, Peter was running an international recruitment company, focussed on technology sectors

“When researching courses, I was struck by the freshness of approach with Robinson House, the catalogue of previous students’ work, the fact that there was no focus on restoration (which didn’t interest me), that it was very local to me was a bonus, and the stunning image of the aluminium dovetail in the Orchidee desk became something that I associated with the school thereafter. “

Peter Oates, nest of tables

“When I first met Marc, my primary objective was to undertake a course that would enable me to earn a living as a maker, and I was looking to learn the skills to achieve this. I mention this as I had no real ambition to focus on the design side initially. However, sessions with Marc really opened my eyes to different ways of approaching things, and I made a mental shift from just trying to make pieces that were basically like things I had seen before.”

“Sessions with Marc really opened my eyes to different ways of approaching things

For prospective students

Peter says…
“I would absolutely recommend the course, and it has given me exactly the opportunity I was looking for to change my career.”

Peter Oates, cabinet

After leaving Robinson House, Peter got a job with a high-quality furniture company, making a range of fitted and free-standing furniture, using high end veneers and solid wood. This came to an end at the start of the pandemic, and since then Peter has set-up his own workshop making mostly free standing and some fitted pieces.

We wish him all the very best.

Peter Oates