the bench room

The bench room is where most students start out and where most of the short courses take place. It has 5 benches, and each student gets their own bench with a tool wall. This is where a lot of the teaching takes place, and students learn to use hand tools such as chisels, planes, and saws, and develop their skills in using them. Year students are here for around 4 months before moving into the bigger workshop.

the workshop

The workshop is much larger, with around 10 benches, and all of our machines. Some of these benches are used by Marc and his team, and some are rented out, which means that students get to work alongside professionals who are making bespoke and commercial pieces. As well as the standard machines you’ll find in woodworking workshops, we have a range of extra machines that let students try new techniques. We have a membrane press for working with veneers, a 3D printer, laser cutter, and tools for metalworking.

marc's workspace

Marc's bench is right in the middle of the studio, between the bench room and the workshop, which means the students work alongside a professional fine furniture maker. This is where Marc works on designs and commissions, and some teaching takes place.

office & library

The office is a shared space between staff and students, as the students can use the computer for CAD work, and have constant acccess to the library of over 400 books to help them with their work, as well as the material science library, boasting over 1200 samples.