French Polishing with Derek Jones
Next course: 17th May 2024 A one day course on French polishing with shellac, run by Derek Jones, once editor of Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine and author of French Polishing, Finishing & Restoring Using Traditional Techniques. …
Laminating Weekend Class
Next course: 1st & 2nd June 2024. Experience these amazing techniques and take your work to a different level! As laminating is more accurate than steam bending, it is ideal for combining sculptural work with fine …
Steam Bending with Charlie Whinney – 1 Day
Next course: 13th July 2024. Steam bending is an ancient woodworking process which is found on every continent. Charlie is the UK’s leading steam bending expert; his work is sold internationally and can be found in …
Wood Finishing Weekend Class
Next courses: 16th & 17th Nov. 2024. An ideal course for anyone who wants to learn more about finishing techniques and get some practical, hands-on experience. Cost: £295. Tutor: Marc Fish.
Making the Perfect Dovetails Weekend Class
Next course: 16th & 17th Nov. 2024. Ideal if you want to know more about the mark of a master craftsman – the dovetail joint! When well-executed it is the epitome of high-level work. Cost: £295.
Wood Carving with the Wood Warlock
Next courses: 23rd – 24th Nov. 2024. We are delighted to have Dickie join us to offer would be woodcarvers chance to explore this ancient art form with a master of the craft. Cost £295. Tutor: …
Make a Wooden Hand Plane with Theo Cook
Next course: 2024 dates TBC. Learn how to make a wooden plane. This will involve skills such as bandsawing, routing, drilling, shaping with a spokeshave, sanding and finishing. A 3 day course. Cost: £400. Tutor: Theo …
Carbon Fibre and Composites Weekend Class
Next course: TBA / Please enquire. This course provides hands-on experience of the sophisticated techniques used in the composites industry. Cost £400. Tutor: Theo Cook.
Making Jigs & Templates
Next course: date TBA. Learn how to make your own jigs and templates at this one-day course with senior tutor and master craftsman, Theo Cook. The course covers making jigs by hand as well as the …
Introduction to Hand Tools for Furniture Making
Next course: dates TBA. Covering hand tools, there will be practical sessions on planing, sawing and chiseling – forming the ideal starting point for cutting and fitting accurate joints. Cost: £150. Tutor: Theo Cook.
Veneering One Day Course
Next course: date TBA. This one-day introductory course is designed to help attendees understand and apply different approaches to veneering. £195 for one day course.
Spindle Moulding Weekend Class
Next course: dates TBA. The spindle moulder is a versatile machine – we cover safe use and setup, rebating, shaping, using formers, tenons, power feeds, jig making, and guarding. Cost: £295. Tutor: Derek Jones.
Wood Machining Weekend Class
Next course: date TBA. For either a beginner or an intermediate. If you’ve invested in new machines and want to know how to safely use or set them up, on this two day course you can …
Staked Stool with Derek Jones
Next course: 2025 dates TBC. This three day course takes you through completing a three-legged stool. Using through-tenoned construction (now known as “staked”construction) is a skill worth learning for any furniture maker. Three legs instead of …
Make a Cricket Table
Next course: 2025 dates TBC. This course is taught by expert maker Derek Jones. The key principles for building a cricket table are simplicity, necessity and ingenuity. Using just two types of joint it's possible to …
Japanese Toolbox with Derek Jones
Next course: 2025 dates TBC. Japanese style joinery can be extremely complicated but there are occasions when simplicity and function come together to make the perfect form. Cost: £295. Tutor: Derek Jones.
Make A Six Board Chest with Derek Jones
Next course: 2025 dates TBC. The six board chest is a design that is almost as old as the concept of furniture itself and is as relevant today as it has ever been. Cost: £295. Tutor: …