We were thrilled to see ex-student Anna Dugard’s wonderful console table featured in Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine. F&C is an industry stalwart, it focuses exclusively on fine furniture with the aim of promoting excellence in furniture making, so we are always delighted to see our students’ work showcased.

Anna completed our one year Design & Making course, you can read more about the course here.


Anna Dugard uses 3D print technology to create ‘natural’ forms

The Nahas console table was made using the rapidly developing process of 3D printing, which offers the ability to create complex forms with a very efficient use of materials. The design of Nahas was inspired by the growth of natural forms – the fluted legs echo flower stems and the textured trumpets resemble long-necked flowers. The brass finish will age over time, adding character and also providing the name Nahas, meaning brass in Arabic.

Read the entire article as a PDF here.

Anna Dugard feature in F&C Magazine