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Staked Stool with Derek Jones
Staked Stool with Derek Jones

This three day course with Derek Jones takes you through completing a three-legged stool. Using through-tenoned construction (now known as “staked”construction) is a skill worth learning for any furniture maker. Three legs instead of four means the stool will never wobble, no matter what floor it’s sitting on, the mortise layout is simple, and, of course, there’s one less leg to make!

Using just hand tools you will learn to dimension stock accurately and efficiently and incorporate joinery skills to construct the stool.
this course is suitable for complete beginners or more experienced makers wanting to learn new joints like the wedged through mortise and tenons for this project.

This course is taught by Derek Jones, former editor of Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine.

Cost: £295 plus materials (approx. £40)

Please book this course direct with Derek here:

Staked Stool with Derek Jones
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