Christian Watson studied with us at Robinson House Studio 5 years ago and has gone on to create his own design studio, and stunning series of stylish, timeless pieces of work.
He features in Elle Deco, July 2021

We asked Christian a few questions…

Why did you chose Robinson House Studio, which course did you do and what did you achieve during the course?

“I choose Robinson House Studio for its unique approach to mixed materials and its broad approach to design and making. I did a two-year course where I got to explore different techniques and I learned to approach becoming a professional designer maker.”

What did you do before you started the course, work or studies?

“I had just finished school and was looking for an alternative to a university degree. When I found RHS I knew that it was going to be a challenging educational environment where I would leave with tangible knowledge about designing, making and the industry itself.”

What are you currently doing/working on?

“I currently design and make for my own eponymous brand, Christian Watson. I have a studio in Wandsworth where I employ one other maker, a graduate of RHS, Felix Wells. We have just launched my signature collection this year and are excited about the future.”

Of all the student work you produced, was there any particular item you liked the most?

“I was particularly delighted with the Rushworth Desk I produced under the tutorage of Theo and Marc.”
[You can see the pieces Christian made whilst with us at RHS here.]

Is there any recent news that you might feel is relevant and you want to tell everybody about?

Christian Watson’s feature in Elle Deco, July 2021.

“Yes! I have recently been published in a feature in Elle Decoration, where I was called a ‘Rising British Star’ which I am thrilled about.
All of my work is designed and made in the UK, most in London, so I am really proud to be included in such an amazing magazine.”

View the entire article as a PDF here – Christian Watson, Elle Deco July 2021

Any tips for a student to become a successful furniture maker/designer?

“I think that everyone looking to become a self-employed designer/maker should learn as much as they can about the industry as well as take intro to business course/s. Networking is a huge part of the industry and can’t be undervalued, so going to events, meeting people and knowing what you’re talking about goes a long way! Most importantly though, if you don’t know, ask! We have a great industry, everyone is very friendly and more often than not, either experiencing a similar issue or has experienced it before.”

View Christian’s work on his web site here:

Student Success Stories: Christian Watson

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