How did you get into furniture making?

By chance, I used to restore classic cars and got into welding and metal fabrication. I started making sculptures and furniture in metal. I had some early success but when this dried up I knew I had to learn properly how to make piece particularly in wood.


What made you start RHS?

When I was looking for course I struggled to find a school that taught what I wanted to learn ; modern contemporary design, craftsmanship and a very high level of attention to detail. I decided the that one day I would like a school that teaches design and craftsmanship with neither element taking centre stage. A place where everyone including the staff are there to learn and grow.


How has it changed since it started?

We are a lot better.


Are there any techniques or materials you particularly enjoy working with?

I love the mix of materials, an harmonious marriage of different substances. It is very difficult to get it right but when you do boy does it work. I love this challenge.


Tell us about one of your favourite pieces

Nautilus was a turning point for us, it has been our best selling item, we have sold four standard size tables. It was the start of a completely new and unique direction for us. All the work I design and make is made from very thin wood veneer. We are the only studio in the world who specialise in this technique and it has enabled us to make many other designs many of which are impossible without the techniques we learnt from making Nautilus.


What advice would you give to someone getting started in furniture making?

Work very hard, always be open to learning and listen to people with more knowledge than you. It is a business just like any other do not think it is any different. At the end of the day all businesses are money in and money out hopefully more of the former.

Interview with Marc Fish, Founder & Principal