This two-year course is aimed at those who may be looking into a conventional furniture design and making degree course with one of the UK’s universities. Our research into people leaving with a degree in these subjects shows that many feel they lack practical skills. This may be techniques, hand skills, or wood machining. Here at robinson house studio we aim to bridge that gap. We are the only private furniture making school to offer a dedicated two-year course – the last two-year course offered was at the renowned John Makepeace’s now closed Parnham College. There appears to be a wide gap between the usual furniture design and making degree courses, and the hands-on courses run in a workshop – so our aim is to offer something that would meet the requirements of students and employers alike.

Our higher-level diploma scheme gives you a real feeling of achievement, and shows an employer your aptitude, skill and practical application abilities. Whilst it is not a degree in furniture design and making, it does carry some weight in the industry – Marc Fish and robinson house studio have become internationally renowned due to the experimental and progressive nature of their work and the exceptionally high level of tuition given by the school.

You will cover advanced subjects including mixed media making, computer aided design and machining, model making, metal working including welding. Unlike a degree course the subjects are largely verbal discussions and not essays. This means that if you are maybe not academic or do not like exams this is going to be a better option than the usual degree course in furniture design/making or product design at a university. You will be encouraged to use these materials and skills in the projects produced in your second year.

At least six projects are usually completed in the two years; the projects will be designed by you with guidance from Marc and his team. Our photographer will produce your portfolio, which you can use to promote your business or gain employment.

Our holidays include 1 week off in August and another week over the Christmas period. So, you can get as much practical experience as possible during your time here.

Next start date: 9th September 2024
Cost: £35,000.
To hold a place on this course there is a deposit of £6,000.

2 Year Furniture Design & Makers’ Course