The new 19 weeks furniture design & makers course has been specifically designed for students who want to learn the core skills of traditional and contemporary furniture design and making.

Within the 19 weeks, your tutors will guide you through several set projects that teach you the many skills needed to work with wood and other materials to create furniture of an exceptional standard. You will be trained to use a wide range of woodworking machines, including: CNC ‘Computer Numerically Controlled’ machine, the laser cutter and 3D printer. All whilst having support and advice when it is needed.

Throughout the course we teach students the attention to detail that is required to create outstanding pieces of furniture. And as the student numbers are limited we can really spend time with each person.

Your course will also include design discussion to consider design practices and study past and present designers alongside the history of furniture making classes to give students a well-rounded, albeit brief, knowledge of design and making. We also touch on business studies. These classes are with Marc Fish who has many years experience in the industry and runs a successful design company.

Visiting lecturers attend the studio with discussions on a variety of subjects this is combined with field trips to other workshops and exhibitions.

By the end of the 19 weeks you will have learnt all the skills to continue your furniture making ambitions. Whether it be a change in career, employment within a workshop in the furniture making industry or a hobbyist wanting to put into action newly learnt skills, you can be sure of a solid base as a designer/maker.

Our holidays include 1 week off in August and another week over the Christmas period. These are not included in your 19 weeks.

Next start date:  9th September, 2024 | Cost: £14,500.
To hold a place on this course there is a deposit of £6,000.
And £8,500 balance to be paid on day 1.

If you have any questions about the course, or to book yourself a place please contact us:
Email us here or telephone us on: 01273 513611.

19 Week Furniture Design & Makers Course
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