Student using the table saw

Next start date: 5th September 2022   

The one year course is aimed at those who are looking for a big change in their life. Do you wonder if you have the creativity and the ambition to run your own business? We’ll be with you every step of the way! Don’t worry if you have no experience as this is the case with most of our students, and we can help you explore your creativity and learn key skills from our award winning tutors.

This one year course covers all of the basics you’ll need to know, listed in the syllabus below, and there are plenty of other topic options available, depending on what interests you most. Design appreciation and history will be looked at and assignments are given out which enable you to join in with our design discussions, start to consider design practices, and study existing designers. If you are less interested in the design side then our one year making only course may be better suited to you. We also take trips to exhibitions and have guest lecturers to teach additional topics.

Three or four projects are usually completed in the year and will be designed by you with guidance from your tutors. our photographer will produce your portfolio which you can use to promote your business or gain employment. All of our students also leave with a graded diploma, which can also help you to gain employment. If your dream is to start your own furniture making business once you finish your course with is, we can also cover subjects on business management, including accountancy, legislation, and marketing.

Our year course lasts a full 50 weeks, with 2 weeks off in December, so you can get as much practical experience as possible during your time here.

50 Week Furniture Design & Makers’ Course