Desk Zebrano and rosewood

Coming from a business background I was a complete newcomer to woodworking and cabinet-making. Enrolling on Marc Fish’s training program was a bit of a leap in the dark mainly inspired by my wish to create something by using traditional techniques.  After having completed the basic training in cabinet-making, I was looking for a project that would require the use of a broad range of traditional skills.

The (computer) desk that I designed required such a broad range of skills: veneer cutting, veneering, book matching, dovetails, drawer fitting, surfacing finishing.  The  ‘angled’ legs of the desk created a major challenge since the non-straight angles are repeated in the drawers sides and in the dovetails.  The desk is made of Indian rosewood, African Zebrano veneer, and patinated copper at the inside of the drawer fronts. The drawer bottoms and drawer sides are constructed from Cedar and Lemonwood respectively. Albeit this project required a lot of perseverance and concentration, I found it enjoyable and a useful practice for my cabinet-making skills.

Michel Tellings