Desk in walnut, paint, and steel

I had been working in construction for almost ten years when I decided to steer towards furniture. After having done that for a few years, I reached a plateau. I did not develop my skills as I had hoped to. Deciding to change this, I started looking for courses to aid in furthering my skills and confidence.

As I am very design oriented in my approach to furniture, my style being more mid-century modern than anything, I was a bit disheartened at what I found, until I found Marc Fish. Looking around his website, reading testimonials and info, I decided to give him a call. After a brief chat I decided to go for it. I knew this was right for me. And the 12 week course was perfect in length for me.

I did not even visit before hand to check it out. School was never my cup of tea, so I was a bit nervous going down there. On day one however, I realised Marc’s way of teaching is adaptive, attentive, open-minded and knowledgeable. I quickly ‘de-plateaued’, and started learning, expanding not only my skills as a maker and designer, but also my mind. I have now almost finished setting up my own workshop, and joining me in this are two out of my three good friends who did the course with me. The only reason the third one isn’t is because the commute between Australia and East London is horrendous. I can not recommend Marc Fish and his course highly enough. If you can and want to learn about furniture making and design, go for Marc Fish

Ola Leander