Chair in leather, aluminium, and leather

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Having left school to join the creative industry, I wasn’t sure where to start. After researching areas, I was interested in I found that Marc’s courses and ‘robinson house studio’ were exactly what I was looking for as I wanted to explore various elements of design within the industry. When I found Marc’s course online we had a long chat about what I can achieve within the course, what his work entails, his design philosophy and teaching method. It was an easy choice after that to sign up as the course undoubtedly offered more than other courses I found. It was that day that I signed up to the two-year course without any hesitation.

Two years gave me the freedom to experiment, and design the pieces that I wanted to make. I would like to thank everyone at RHS for their dedicated support along the way, helping me achieve my goals. As I now pursue a career in furniture design, I am confident that my learning at RHS has put me in a great place for the future.

Christian Watson chair
Christian Watson chair
Christian Watson - Sandblasted and scorched Oak low table
Sandblasted and scorched oak low table
Christian Watson - black suede drinks cabinet
Black suede drinks cabinet
Desk - Walnut and leather
Desk in walnut and leather
Valet stand 4000 year old bog oak, bronze and leather.
Valet stand 4000 year old bog oak, bronze and leather.
Christian Watson

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