Wilson Law completed the 50 week furniture maker and designer course with us at robinson house studio in 2021. Prior to joining robinson house studio, Wilson was working in events and operations in a bustling central London conferencing centre. The work was predominantly managing events and providing audio/visual solutions for clients, but during the low seasons, it included some basic set building for clients and that really reignited a desire to pursue making.

Wilson says:

“I’d attended a number of woodworking and woodturning workshops so I knew I loved working with the materials – it was just that these courses were always rather surface level and I really wanted to develop this skillset further.

“I’m currently working in a comprehensive secondary school, teaching Design and Technology in North London. Whilst it’s vastly different from designing and making fine furniture, I still get to spend time in a workshop environment – albeit much more basic!

It’s a huge confidence boost taking the skills I’d learnt from RHS and really being able to guide students with their projects and portfolios.

Wilson Law

Writing desk

Wilson’s writing desk made in solid oak then fumed is an elegant simple design.

Three drawers nicely sit along the front.

And a leather writing surface finishes the top perfectly.

Keepsake box

Wilson also made this very special box in bog oak and rippled sycamore. 

Low table

This coffee table was created with some very labour-intensive straw marquetry! Theo Cook, senior tutor and Wilson lost count of how many hours were spent cutting, flattening and glueing the straw down on such a complicated shape.
The body of the table was made up from many layers of MDF cut on our CNC router. The outside was then covered in fibreglassed and sprayed. The turned wooden base is olive ash and the table is finished with a glass top. 

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Wilson Law