Ethereal Lounge Chair

Constantly striving to transcend the barriers of art, design, sculpture and furniture, this iconic piece by Marc Fish really does stand in a class of its own.

The Woodworker Good Woodworking
Front cover – The Woodworker Good Woodworking magazine, Summer 2020.

Marc Fish’s ‘Ethereal Series’ was born out of an exploration to develop new, innovative techniques for combining resin with his signature wood laminations. Marc has created a revolutionary material that allows light to pass through poured and carved resin. Reflecting off the paper-thin wood veneers, the light takes on different shades, manipulated by the spaces between the laminations. The effect is that of a constantly shifting, illuminated surface quality.

The Woodworker Good Woodworking
The Woodworker Good Woodworking

Ever inspired by the elements of the natural world, Marc’s ‘Ethereal Series’ mimics the delicacy of the leaf structures. In an exploration to design new, innovative techniques, he has pushed the limits of 21st century furniture design.

Marc is also the Founder and Principal of ‘robinson house studio’ furniture school, which has recently moved into a sustainable state-of-the-art unit in Newhaven, on the picturesque south coast of England. ‘robinson house studio’ offers the unique chance for students to be taught furniture making and design by one of the world’s most eminent designer-makers, together with Senior Tutor Theo Cook, who is known in the woodworking world for his amazing Japanese dovetails. All of which makes this educational establishment a very unique place with students flocking from all around the globe to be taught by these talented craftsmen, who are both passionate about passing on their knowledge to the next generation of furniture makers.

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Marc featured in The Woodworker & Good Woodworking magazine