Blackened ash and bleached walnut low table

After discovering a passion for woodwork I made the terrifying decision to pursue quite a dramatic career change. I visited several training providers but within a few minutes of being at RHS I knew that this was the workshop I needed to be in.

The creativity and diversity in the work being produced was incredible and the camaraderie between the students was clearly visible. Everyone in the workshop is there for different reasons. For some it’s a new career, for others it’s just a hobby but regardless of their intentions everyone there shares the same passion and pushes themselves the do the best they can. It is such an inspirational environment, I learned almost as much watching other student’s projects develop as I did from my own. When you get caught up in a project there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

The year course enables you to learn and experiment with a variety of different techniques and materials on top of the set projects, external craftsmen are also invited in to teach specialist subjects. My two favourites were the steam bending and the french polishing. We were also taken on a number of field trips to furniture and design exhibitions, timber yards and designer maker studios which really helps expose you to the industry. The craftsmen working for Marc and the other tutors in the studio are amazing, they have such a wealth of experience that no question ever goes unanswered. I’ve learned so much more than I ever anticipated and have come away with some beautiful pieces that I’m really proud of. I’ve made some great friends at RHS and I hope that our paths cross again later in our careers.

Oak twisted console table
Sally Banks