Hi-Fi stand, walnut

When I first started thinking about joining the school I really just hoped that I would be able to improve my woeful woodwork skills.  I signed up for the week long taster course to work out whether it was for me and that really helped me make my decision.  It is amazing how much you can learn in a week, the tray project is perfect because is covers so many things, from hand tools and machines to laminating and laser cutting.

I then signed up for the 20 week course which goes in to much more detail about hand tools through various set lessons and I completed a box project and hi-fi stand.  It is certainly hard work, but also incredibly rewarding to have an idea and turn it in to something real.

What Marc has grown here is more than just a furniture school or a very well equipped workshop, there is a real sense of community.  In addition to everything you get from Marc and Theo’s lessons and guidance and the excellent external tutors and field trips, you have the support of a workshop full of other highly motivated students and professional makers.  The benefit of being so close to so many creative people as they work and experiment with ideas cannot be overstated. 

My advice to anyone thinking about a course here would be to stop thinking and just try one of the shorter courses, I think most people would be surprised at the results they can get with the proper tuition, guidance and a properly sharpened tool, it is also a great way to experience the atmosphere of the school. 

Stuart Hartigan