Pair of boxes

I was working at a luxury yacht building company when I decided I wanted to develop my hand skills, and after musing over a few different 12 week courses, I decided that Marc’s looked the most comprehensive. When I went to visit the workshop for the first time, the high standard of student work, friendly faces, modern machinery and Marc’s passion and professionalism left a good impression so I signed up.
I knew absolutely nothing about furniture when I started, but I found the course super immersive and over 12 weeks I was introduced to a whole world of furniture making with visits to timber yards, furniture exhibits and even to see bog-oak being quarter sawn – in addition to watching my hand skills develop to a standard I never thought I could personally achieve. The course is heavily design-led and I found that things I learnt whilst studying Product Design at university were built upon and really started to make a lot more sense to me in this hands-on environment. After 12 weeks I feel I have enough knowledge and the practical skills to approach the challenge of developing my own design ideas from concepts through to a finished piece of furniture.
The course has left me feeling inspired and I’m currently in the process of setting up a new workshop in order to start my own business making furniture. However, I’m currently working at Bennett and Prewitt helping to make and fit high-end kitchens and the experience gained whilst being on the course is proving invaluable.

Tim and his new business were recently featured in Homes and Garden magazine – read more here

Tim Evershed